Household Help: An Extra Pair of Hands Lend A Healthier Well-Being


Doing all the household chores by yourself can take a toll on your body. For some, being overwhelmed by all the household chores on top of all the other things they have to do for the family and for work can also affect their general mental disposition. It is common for the members of the family to be expected to pitch in with these chores. But, this is not always possible especially when you have younger kids – taking care of your kids should actually be the focus of your energies. Before you know it, you could be pulling your hair in frustration about the hodge-podge of things on your to-do list.

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In some countries like the Philippines, having household help is a given even for those in the middle income brackets. Extended family members are also often around to take care of specific chores on a regular basis. Miles away from the country I grew up in, the benefits of having an extra pair of hands to help around the house do not change. I must admit that there are a lot of things on my plate, and yes, I do need help. Now, if you’re a mom like me, you most probably have a lot to handle too. Well, here are some of the benefits that you might want to consider in having household help:

1. More quality time for the family

This is quite obvious. When you have somebody else doing your chores for you, you have more time to spend with your spouse and kids. Instead of being cranky and tired from cooking the food and doing the dishes, you have the time and energy to have a quick after-dinner board game with the kids.

2. Less worries about getting things done around the house

When you know that someone is taking care of things at home, you can concentrate on all the other things that you have to do. You have to, however, find a reliable household help that you can trust to do things the way you want them done, when you want them done. You do not have to hurry home from work just to get dinner on the table on time.

3. Clean house, all the time

You can’t help but have toys, books, and what-nots scattered around the house when you have young kids. With a reliable household help, you can at least expect someone to pick up and keep things in order. You will not have to settle for the cursory dusting of your exposed surfaces. You will not have to let the dishes wait for a few minutes while you whisk the kids off to bed. Your help should be able to take care of the clean up while you take care of the things that matter most in your life.

Having an extra pair of hands at home is not just a mere indulgence for the woman of the house who is expected to be wife, mother, and housekeeper all at once. With household help around, she can be more efficient in fulfilling those roles without being overcome by stress.

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