I’ve probably written about the Hundertwasserhaus and Hundertwasser in my other blogs but here, rightfully an art blog – hmmm, not yet.



Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser is a Jewish-Austrian architect and contemporary painter. He took courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

(My daughter by the shop)

Hundertwasser is known for his boldly coloured paintings but his architectural style in irregular forms that are also incorporated into the landscape and setting of the buildings made him more popular. The Hundertwasserhaus, for an example, is an apartment block in Vienna with undulating floor, its roof is covered with earth and grass, and large trees grow from inside the rooms, with limbs extending out the windows…(I can’t find my photos yet). Imagine the photo above…this is just part of it…already looking like a painting itself.


Hundertwasser also designed the Fernwärme Wien – an incinerator in Vienna that provides the city with electricity, you can view the building here, it’s an old photo I took. And below is the toilet inspired by Hundertwasser’s style.

Trivia: Friedensreich are two words that means Peace and Realm respectively while Regentag mean rainy day, Dunkelbunt means dark/gloomy colored and Hundertwasser means Hundred waters, thus, the name is somewhat a representation of himself…and obviously an adapted name to fit his artistic lifestyle.


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