yes, in this city which I’ve walked many a street almost everyday. I got lost and on 3 consecutive days too. As I mentioned on my other blog I can’t remember where I was headed the first time. Second day was when I was going to the University to inquire about the enrolment. Being inside the building was another struggle as I wander around trying to find the registry office. I had no success in that.  I had wanted to take up a Master’s degree on translation but I think I have to find my way first successfully before finding those words  in my head. The last time was when I was looking for the Japanese shop that has most of the stuff I needed for cooking. In all those instances, I was just walking.

Normally, I don’t get lost…I have my iphone that the hubby installed with a gps tracking service. Just on those days the little boy has played with it without me having the time to find where he left it. It has always prove itself useful at times I am out to pick up something for the hubby. I know, I could easily look for a certain street on the map but the gps is still a lot cooler to use! 😀