Lately, I’ve lost the excitement when opening our mailbox. You see, when I open it there’s always advertisements and bills to pay. Sometimes there are spam letters too telling us that a distant relative wants us to inherit his money! lol.

Today was different, as I opened our mailbox I found a paket with a familiar name written on it. You see sometime ago I joined Kayni’s blog giveaway and I won! I rarely join giveaways and perhaps for the 4 times I did, 3 times I emerged as winner… 🙂


First was during Iskandal’s anniversary blowout and Mary’s (Ruby Tuesday’s host) giveaway, both 2 years ago and now this.

I got me postcards, card and a hologram bookmarker! One of the cards has green inking on it written so daintily! Thanks Kayni, I hope the weather has let up! Here, the sakura are all dried up except for perhaps three flowers (will post that soon).  I got your calling card too! 😉