keeping clean

 The home can either be a place to relax or a place of chaos. All depends on how the homemaker keeps it. It’s not an easy task especially if you have 3 kids to look out for, feed and teach; add pets and a husband in the picture and toss clothes, plates, mop, pans and more clothes and  you get what I mean.


Whether you admit it or not, there are days that the house is simply a pain to clean. If you have a job then that’s the teenie-weenie bit that would make a house unkempt – so here’s some tips to help you maintain an orderly home or at least keep clutter at bay.

1. Regular cleaning. Clean at least one room in a day. By the end of the week, you can just go back and do minimal cleaning if the rooms have been kept as is after you tidy up.

2. Donate. For sure, your kids have grown and there are a lot of stuff that are not only out of fashion, they don’t fit anymore. Give these things to charity – here in Vienna we have the Humana where clothes are donated via designated boxes in the city. What’s collected are either sent to other countries or sold in a second hand shop.

3. Hire a Helper. House help is really beneficial…especially to me who is mostly at work even while at home. I call our house helper every now and then, she comes twice a week at most and I do like seeing our house so squeaky clean – that’s why whenever I have deadlines I call on her to do home chores. There are a lot of agencies around that will look for a houshelp for you. There’s the maid service centreville VA for one. You can always inquire by phoning in.

4. Do Online Payments. Billing statements come almost everyday (and I hate it). To minimize paper and envelope around the house which would pile up later on, opt for online banking. 🙂 I do of course and I can say that it’s convenient and less clutter too.

5. Teach your kids. By example, kids will follow. So if they see that you tidy up stuff, they know that it is something that they too are supposed to do at home. Also, cleaning up with them helping is a good way to bond. ^_^

Keeping a home is something that should be fun for us despite its difficulty and lack of salary. Then, we are only human, so they say, being a mom, a homemaker, a wife and a woman is one of the highest salaried jobs in any field, since the payment is pure love.

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