Movies, one of the things we enjoy with the kids to is to watch them. Be it at home or in cinemas…Hubby, is particularly always in the know of the latest films but we would also watch old movies that we like.

I more of forget to take photos of the kids with the movie standee…the latest we saw was Airbender back home (SM North Edsa Cinema) and out of excitement, we all forgot about taking photos. So below is from The Chipmunks 2 movie we watched at the Donauplex.


(For the theme: kids and movies)

Spazieren gehen or simply walking is another thing that we do most of the time. No particular place to go, we just walk where our feet take us. Back home, we brought the kids at the Quezon City Memorial Park and the Lamesa Ecopark (more of this soon)…this was far different from the park they used to visit, the ice cream and cotton candy vendors in particular were new to them. That was why we let them have some. Don’t you miss dirty ice cream?


(For the theme: Park Day)

We were just wandering until we ended up at the Circle of Fun amusement park. The place is relatively small compared to where we would always go but there were lots of enjoyable rides and many other things to do. So we let them try how it is to be a hamster for a few minutes (lol). They actually asked for it, the hamster ball, but it was not an easy feat. The balls need to be filled with air while they sit inside…whew! The little boy started crying as soon as he was in so he didn’t get to experience the fun and difficulty of a hamster’s life…

He was however, happy and excited riding his own boat, a ducky-boat at that! There weren’t much kids that time, it was a Wednesday so most of the kids are in school…the attendant were very friendly and considerate, they let the kids bumped into each other or more or less 15 minutes.

(For the theme: Rides in amusement centers)

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