alexbeach While my 2 kids were away having fun at the beach, the little boy was at home waiting for them to come back. We originally planned for this vacation in Hungary with mom in law but since we went home last month, hubby and I decided we stay behind and let the 2 kids go for the whole week. Little boy was with me since I told the kindergarten he won’t be coming for the supposed vacation. We didn’t have so much to do as I opted to write stuff (paid) to make up for the spontaneous vacation we had.


Last week’s theme for Unique Exposures was sleep. Scroll below and you’ll see my entry which seems to have been recognized by the admin…hihi. On Saturday, as the little boy was waiting for his siblings, hubby and I found him sleeping like this on our bed…well, I am always amazed how he could sleep in such a position lol!


In the afternoon we then decided to watch a film, Ice Age 3…I thought we’d be watching at the nearest Kino so I took time dressing up which really upset hubby :D. It was the one farther our place so we had to wait for the bus which added to hubby’s irk. We anyway arrived just in time to be able to buy an extra large popcorn and some drinks…


Upon entry, the inspector noticed we were missing one person since we have 6 tickets instead of five lol. So we brought the other one back before finally sitting down to watch. Upon seeing Scrat’s sniffing nose on screen, the little boy shouted “little buddy!” in reference to how Sid called him in Ice Age, Meltdown when he rescued  and initiated CPR on Scrat. We had a good laugh even though the film has been translated to German hihi.

I found this old photo too…our little girl carrying a Scrat stuffed toy that hubby won from the fair. She call this Big buddy obviously coz its bigger than her brother!


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