Kite Flying with the Kids

These days, many parents are concerned about the amount of time their kids spend with their gaming consoles or gadgets. Apparently, the thin line between recreational use and over-dependence has grown even dimmer, so much so that children are no longer able to identify the difference between moderate and too much.

Some who instill different values on their kids scoff at these parents and blame them for giving in to the demands of their children. According to them, the kids wouldn’t have become overly dependent on their technological gadgets if their parents didn’t give it to them in the first place. Nevertheless, we can’t really blame parents for wanting to give the very best to their kids. Children are children, and even if they were constantly reminded of the ill effects of spending too much time playing video games, they wouldn’t always listen. So how can this problem be addressed?


Well, parents would do well to talk to their kids and explain to them why it’s important that they apportion their time appropriately. If it takes writing down a fixed schedule for kids to follow through with what their parents want, then so be it. Children should be made to understand that there’s a whole world out there beyond their video games and gadgets.

Venture Outside

Of course, parents should take the first step in encouraging their kids to venture outside. The idea may seem daunting. Yet, if parents present their kids with cool ideas for outdoor activities, then they might just trade their video games with these activities even temporarily.

One cool and timeless activity that both parents and kids would enjoy is kite flying. Young children would definitely have fun running around outdoors while they best each other to see who can fly their kite the highest. However, just as with everything else, parents would do well to consider a few things so everyone may get the best out of their kite-flying experience.

First, parents need to choose the right kite design and while stores carry an array of designs and styles that would make kite enthusiasts excited, the ages of the kids who would be playing needs to be taken into consideration. If it were the kids’ first time to fly a kite, a single-line kite would be the best option. It’s not as complicated as other styles and it can easily withstand medium-strength winds. What’s more, the kite’s design stability and delta shape make it ideal for small hands.

Second, consider the best places and conditions to fly kites. Wide and open spaces such as parks, soccer fields (when it’s not being used), and beaches are perfect places to fly a kite. Nevertheless, if these areas are not feasible for you, choose a large, treeless area where you can use single-line kites to the full. Never fly kites in crowded areas or near power lines. As much as possible, you should let your kids wear gloves to protect their hands from cuts or rope burns.

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Lastly, remember that practice makes perfect, and don’t forget to emphasize this to your kids. As children, they would naturally have very high expectations. The last thing you want is for them to get frustrated when they can’t seem to get the kite off the ground. Give them the necessary pep talk. Teach them kite-flying tricks you have learned as a kid as these never get old.

Before long, your kids’ kites would be airborne with minimal help from you. Kite flying can be a very fun activity for the entire family so long as everybody knows what to expect. When you have the right kite, scouted the best location, and through a little bit of practice, you’ll be piling up kite-flying memories that the whole family would cherish forever.