Times have definitely changed. In the past, people contented themselves with a good College course that would give them the skills needed to land a job in an office. That was what most people used to dream of – a desk in an office, working a 9-5 job, and earning a good enough pay each month. Nowadays, though, people fight tooth and nail just to get to the best multinational companies. Some even go to extreme lengths just to land a job in a top IT company or be part of one of the biggest engineering or architecture firm. Most people say that’s where the money is.

That’s probably the reason why it is such a competitive world out there today. In short, it’s a rat race. You have to arm yourself with knowledge if you wish to go ahead in life or if you wish to achieve something; otherwise, you would fail big time. In most cases, you should be a college or a university graduate with a good course in order to land a good job. Indeed, gone are the days when a simple job that earns good money was enough. These days, the more you know, the more you’ll earn.

math gsce
Start ’em young

We have seen many young people become dollar billionaires at this time even if they are still in their teens, are college dropouts or just high school graduates just because they have the special skills and the innovative mind to come up with something. Some of them are even down on their luck stay-at-home moms. However, it would be great if you have the combination of being educated and with special skills, because you have the capacity to deal with the different changes in the tides of the economy.

Sometimes, offices need clerical jobs. Sometimes, the demand is for white-collar jobs or there may be times where you will be retrenched because of a reason that is beyond you. Nevertheless, if you have special skills, like being good in Math, you can excel, even if just being a private tutor to Math students. Therefore, for gcse maths, you can enroll online at icslearn.co.uk. They offer basic Math subjects and students can just work their way up to more complicated equations that can be applied to work and even life. It will be at their own pace, of course. The recent  GSCE results show that there’s an increase in maths percentage points…though not mentioned, there’s a big chance this is brought about by tutoring.