Layer up for the season

Eight degrees. Two powerful words that send me shivers just by looking at them…and literally too. I consider the cold a major antagonist! When the weather goes low as such or lower, my first line of defense is to layer up. Thermal socks, sweaters, stockings and appropriate jackets come flying out of the closet.

As it is and with rain accompanying the daily seasonal misfits, you have to make sure you’ve got a jacket against the cold and one that will prevent you from getting wet, have fitting shoes with good traction for a safer walk down the ramp…I mean, the pavement or wherever you’ll go walking.


That the changing of colors delight me, giving me a chance to practice my photography is true. However, the chill that this season brings really gets me down. My only remedy is to find the silver lining, which is: to shop! It’s the perfect excuse to buy a new coat, a new pair of boots and a bonnet too. It is always good to have more than one of those!

Layer up for the season
boots season!

Finding the best autumn coat/jacket entails a number of factors and I am always in a pinch trying to pick which is best. Well, here’s some that I take to mind when out there choosing. One, you should consider the look you’d want, you can never sacrifice a fashionable look no matter what the season. Your coat or jacket would be the first people will see and not the clothes under it so better splurge a little and express your style by choosing one that fits your lifestyle.

Consider your everyday environment. That is, where do you spend most of your time? If you’re always dressing up and going to the office, a tailored wool coat would spell professionalism and elegance.  If you’re a soccer mom who often brings the kids to practice, a sporty parka would be your best pick. If you’re still unsure, go for a cloak…wear layers under it and you’re sure to not chill wherever you go. Leather is of course the undisputed among materials and you can pick a style and cut fit to your way of life.

Muubaa Bronsoncow Leather Jacket layer
Muubaa Bronsoncow Leather Jacket

Now do not forget a classic in every woman’s wardrobe, the trench coat. Trench coats go well with basically everything and they come in colors that would suit you and your taste. If by any means you can, buy one of any mentioned above.

Now this is just autumn and I have a dilemma of some sort picking out what to buy. You see I believe that one coat doesn’t fit all, so it is always best to have a spare. This is just autumn, what if the thermometer reads minus eight degrees? You could just imagine the panic I have upon seeing that!