Liebe Mama,One rainy morning, I spotted a middle-aged man writing on a piece of paper. I know it’s rude to look but I can’t help it when I saw that he has written “Liebe Mama,” as a greeting.

“Dear Mama,” considering that the man might be 40 years old…I was awed. I counted in my head how many times I wrote my parents a letter…snail mail that is, from when I left 7 years ago. Shame, the answer is null…save for two postcards which I sent from Lignano and Venice last year’s summer. There are 3 unsent postcards that I put unknowingly somewhere, those postcards where of Vienna,  Nürnberg and Paris. Though I communicate with my family via phone, chat, sms and emails I somehow miss writing on a sheet of paper and having it send through the post.


When was the last time you wrote a snail mail? For some point in my life I had that thrill of going to the mailbox and finding a letter from a friend instead of bills, advertisements and notices.It has a more personal touch to it I must say.

A few years back only a few people had email addresses. Today, every age group has an email or emails. Five year olds have it (signed up by their parents perhaps), as well as 80 year olds (assuming their eyes are still ok). Email is cheap to use and it’s faster too but there’s something about a letter that email will never touch.