There’s a fairly good reason why I lock myself at home and it’s not just because of the cold. I’m an impulsive buyer. If I visit the mall, it’s a sure thing I won’t come home empty-handed. Whether it’s for me or for the kids; clothing, shoes and even food which sometimes come to excess, I always feel the urge to buy something.


It does help a bit when I just stay home and do chores, blog about and spend time with the kids. However,  online stores as Amazon, Zalando,, and sites of individual clothing shops make it difficult for me to altogether forget about shopping. GandLClothing offers a wide variety of Men’s and Women’s Apparel, Kids Outerwear as well as footwear for everyone in the family. It’s just hard to resist.

Yesterday’s Loot

So though I am locked at home, it’s still no guarantee that I won’t shop right? That’s why I have taken some steps or a way of setting my mind into combating (for lack of a better term or for the intensity of the situation I’m in) the urge to buy. Here’s some:

1. Never shop when you’re in a bad mood. I believe the experts when they say that the urge to shop is psychological. When you shop you feel you are in control – of whatever, well I don’t know. But, I have to admit that it does have a therapeutic effect. If you’re upset and you shop, you’re bound to shop more. So it’s better to just cry your eyes out – yes, lock yourself in a room and cry, like I do.

2. Ask yourself: “Do I want this” or “Can I use this now?” If the answer is yes to want, don’t buy it. If the answer is no to use, don’t buy it. You can justify shopping for an item by saying “I can use this later on”, believe me, that item is still in your closet a year after, no, you don’t need it and you can’t use it at that very moment so don’t buy it.

3. Make sure you buy only stuff you can return. Most items on sale are not returnable. That’s the catch and you’re on the losing end when you can’t return stuff you buy…so either that or make sure that the item fits, has no tear or other damages (small or big).

4. Don’t bring bank cards and credit cards when you go out. Bring cash, limited cash so you don’t get to overspend. Common sense, really. 😛

5. Finally, don’t type them urls. 😛 Or better, don’t open your PC…that’s a surefire way you won’t be able to shop.

Sales are a bait, you can get everything cheap really but still, you spend a lot. So if you ever get that urge to buy a new pair of shoes, just lock yourself in your room, with a good book in hand and stay away from the PC. Much better if you just spend that time doing some burpees!