Looking for Unique Wedding Venues in Essex?

Looking for something more unusual or a unique Essex wedding venue? Then you will be spoiled for choice! Essex has some truly wonderful wedding venues. Each can give you a very different experience to having a traditional wedding held in a church.

Your wedding will go on to be remembered for many years if you choose to hold the ceremony within a different setting. Traditional weddings are always lovely  when held in churches. But, you tend to forget the finer details after a while of attending a few church weddings over the years. And they tend to blur or fade from memory.


Holding your ceremony within an unusual setting can mean your wedding guests are left with some very memorable experiences.  And even your whole wedding day can create long lasting memories that stand out head and shoulders above others.

With this in mind, lets take a look at three stunning, unique wedding venues in Essex. These make for unusual backdrops for your wedding day.

Unique Wedding Venues in Essex, Leez Priory
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Leez Priory, Chelmsford

Leez Priory could be your perfect setting if you love historical buildings and want to portray a feeling of romance and nostalgia for your wedding day. This Tudor manor house is perfect for those couples who are looking for an idyllic setting. Leez Priory is a real escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The place is set within 40 acres of glorious Essex countryside. Leez Priory offers couples-to-be a choice of seven fully licensed settings to hold their ceremony. There will be a spot here that really will hit the right chord. For example, the iconic Tower to an outdoor wedding ceremony held under the carriageway.

You can have a very dramatic start to your big day right from the moment you enter the estate. You and your guests will be welcomed with a sweeping driveway, beautiful lakes, and pretty greenery. The stunning grounds make for a perfect backdrop for your wedding film and photographs.


Colchester Castle, Wedding Reception

Colchester Castle

If you dream of having a princess-style wedding in a real-life castle, then Colchester Castle is for you. It could be the perfect venue for a truly romantic wedding day.

The castle is famous for being the largest surviving Norman Keep in Europe. It sits in the heart of Colchester. Its walls are said to be steeped in thousands of years of history. Thus, you have to wonder how many ancient brides-to-be have the old corridors seen before you.

The castle was originally ordered for construction by William the Conqueror back in 1076. It was built over even older remains of an ancient Roman temple. It dates back to 54 AD. The castle has been home to many members of royalty. It is also famous as being the scene of many battles and sieges.

The Castle is now licensed for weddings and civil ceremonies. It surely makes for a truly memorable, unique wedding venue for your big day.

Wedding photo

Hedingham Castle, Halstead

Hedingham Castle is a place that will charm your heart as another fairytale castle venue. The Castle is dated at around 900 years old. It sits within 160 acres of rolling green gardens. The castle is still lived in by the Lindsay family. Fortunately, they have kindly licensed the castle to enable you to enjoy an utterly romantic wedding experience.

You can hold your wedding ceremony within the historic castle. This can then be followed up with drinks in the Hall. There’s also an outdoor marquee reception in the stunning grounds sited on the Tulip Lawn.

Unique Wedding Venues

At the end of your search, there will be one of the many unique wedding venues that would stand out. One that would be the exact size you need, one that has the most appropriate location. You will find one that would be perfect for your dream wedding.