I went to the turkish shop at the corner of the street to buy some fruits. I particularly wanted oranges, the kind with loose peel. (That actually sounded like cellulite!) Inside, I can’t help but take a photo seeing this: greyfruit instead of grapefruit. 🙂  I had to check if this is the turkish name but I was convinced that this is just a confused fruit. lol.
Anyhow, I did bought some oranges and bananas…the kids need this regularly as spring approaches…their allergies are also starting to. Aside from the usual medication they take Vitamin C and what other minerals thec can from fresh fruits.
Whenever I’m not able to get those loose peel oranges, I get the other types but make orange juice from them…we just love this citrus! Some weeks ago, I had this supposedly healthy meal from Yili…that’s where I get my fix of wraps and bagels. I came back last month because I promised Kuya O that I’ll get him some bagels. To my dismay, they’ve changes their menu. Gone were the bagels and wraps, there are still a few of the familiar food I like but not my favorites… 🙁 There were more catered to chinese food now which is not so healthy IMHO.

guacamole wrap

(Chicken guacamole wrap, orange juice and a sort of turon-banana in a wrapping with sugar glaze, chinese style)
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