Pet dogs are often treated as members of the family because of their loyalty and friendly nature. As a member of the family, these furry pets are also afforded the basic comforts of having a place of their own in the house. Families who live in an apartment or condominium that allows pets can provide their dogs with boxes or crates that serve as their own bed. Those who have extra space outside can get a doghouse that would be comfortable for their pets.

comfortable dog house
For our furry friends

There are three basic considerations in setting up a dog house outdoors, and these are size, location and style. The size of the doghouse should be proportional to the size of the dog, and just big enough for it to be able to turn around and position itself for lying down. Choosing the right size of the dog house is important in providing comfort for your pets especially during cold days when the pets rely on their body heat to keep themselves warm. Finding the right spot for the dog house is also essential for the pet’s overall well being. Placing it in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight can turn-up the heat inside the house and bring it up to dangerous levels during the summer months. Placing it in a shaded area where it is protected from the sun is your best option. Don’t forget to check for the wind direction and make sure that it doesn’t blow directly into the door of the dog house during the cold months. Cold wind that goes directly inside the dog house can make it difficult for the dog to keep itself warm and comfortable.

Dog owners can have their dog houses custom built or buy ready to install ones from the pet shop. They can have a freehand in choosing the design, color and accessories for their pet’s new home. Make sure to choose a house with vents that will allow fresh air to circulate inside the house. Another thing that you shouldn’t forget is to place beddings inside the house to keep your pets warm and comfortable while resting. You may also place some toys and treats inside the house to encourage your dog to try out his new house.

Having a pet dog has plenty of benefits for the family the least you can do for your pet is to give them a comfortable shelter that they can enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it’s the lowest-priced plastic house or the most expensive custom-built dog house in town. The important thing is for pet owners to show their love for their dogs and provide them with a home.