Making the most out of Adgitize

When I joined adgitize in 2008 I never fully understood the benefits it could bring my blog nor the earning potential. I thought of the system as somewhat like entrecard and that I got to have those widget like everyone does. ^_^

I signed up as an advertiser less than 2 weeks ago and I’ve seen why many of my blogging friends adgitize. So why would I pay 14$ a month if what I really wanted to do is earn? Adgitize works via point system, you earn points that correspond to cash. The highest point I have earned a day is 470 – translates to 0.65$ – multiply that by 30 and you get 19,5$. You got the 14$ back and a bit more, not much but what you get for placing an ad in their network is all worth it.


My Alexa rank was at 3m + when I joined, it got down to 1,500,00 barely 24 hours in the system. Today, it’s at the 740,000+ mark and I’m quite sure it will still go down the coming days. Why do I care so much about the Alexa rank? From the website it says “Alexa computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources. The information is sorted, sifted, anonymized, counted, and computed, until, finally, we get the traffic rankings shown in the Alexa service.” As you know traffic and ranks play a big part in the blogosphere…if you are making money out of your blog. Most advertisers pick blogs with high google rank and low alexa rank along with a handful of other factors too.

With adgitize you get a number of unique visitors and unlike entrecard, the bloggers of adgitize comment on your posts too! (Well, most of them are also on entrecard.) ^_^

How do you become a publisher and advertiser on adgitize? Easy, just sign up here, fill up the information about you and your blog (RSS is very important here), upload a button or badge of your website, pay per paypal and you’re good to go (you don’t pay if you only intend to be a publisher). You then place ads on your page – codes provided on site. If you register all blogs you have, you also increase the number of ads you place.

Having been an advertiser in the network for a week or so, here are the tips I could give; for you to be able to fully “enjoy” your adgitize experience.

1. Post an article everyday. You get 100 points for an article, not that it’s the only motivation you should have but it does help to think that….for me at least. This is like a 365 project but you get paid for doing so. If you have a number of blogs registered, your posts on those other blogs are counted in as 1 post, so if you haven’t posted on your main adgi blog, you can be sure you still get 100 points for posting on the other one. (You won’t get 300 points for 3 posts.)

2. Advertise…you automatically get 100 points for advertising. And as mentioned, you get thousands of visitors everyday for being in the network.

3. Place ads strategically. You can maximize ad publishing by putting 2 groups of ads – do not exceed ten ads. For most of my blogs I put one 1×2 at the sidebar and one 2×4 at the footer. The 1×2 can easily be seen and clicked by visitors.

4. Log in. Make sure you are logged in on your adgitize account before you go adgitizing (what we say when clicking ads). The adgitize bar below the ads would be green if you’re not logged in and blue when you are. Wait for the page to load before you click to make sure that it is counted. Advertisers can get 100 points for clicking 50 ads so it’s not as tedious. Points are counted when you click an ad on a page, not when you just visit a page so make sure you click an ad on a page, you get to another advertiser’s site, there are very rare instances that you won’t find an adgi ad placed.

5. Engage in forum discussions. I haven’t come around the pointing system yet but posting at least 200 words would surely give you 100 points.

6. Be an affiliate. Place a badge with your affiliate link on it (available under the affiliate tab on the adgitize site). If you refer publishers and advertisers and they place an ad on the Agitize Network, you will be paid a one time finders fee of $5 for referring them. You will also be paid $1 for every month if they continue to advertise on the Adgitize Network.

7. One of the many questions that confuse me, I bet a lot of adgitizers are wondering too that’s why this has been raised and answered here. This is about computing ad views and page views. I’ve read Ken Brown’s (administrator) explanation but it still is not so clear. ^_^

That’s it for now, I will update this as soon as I get more from my experience with adgitize. So I’d go on posting, bloghopping, clicking and adgitizing for the meantime, tata!

Edit: Placing more blogs in the ad system give you 100 points for  each, sometimes the succeeding ads will only cost you 8$. 🙂 E.g. I paid 14$ for this blog’s adgitize ads and I paid 8$ for my techblog. 🙂 Do the adgitize routine regularly and you get about 22$ back…worth it!