Drachen translates to dragons as well as kites. During our visit at the Schulschiff we went into the art room where they were making these mini-drachen/mini- kites. It was actually past 3P.M. and the activity should have been finished but I thank the very accommodating teacher and the students as well for giving my kids an exception.


The kids were asked to choose which they like to do – a caterpillar, a tadpole or a butterfly among others. They chose in that order starting with the little boy.




They started out by folding a paper then drawing half of the pattern of what they chose to the paper. They cut the patterns and colored them. You can see how serious they are here. ^_^

Afterwards they were given sticks, made to choose strings and felt paper in different colors. The teacher and the students helped the kids fix the string to the shaped and colored insects.


I wasn’t able to take a photo of the littlest boy’s caterpillar, he was having problems with the tails since he kept waving it around. He was the first to finish so he had the liberty to go around the room with his mini-kite accompanied by his “weeee.”


Kids in doodles