Wifespeaks: Memoir Mondaypiglito

Until now, money has not been a problem between hubby and I. I remember even when we were still dating we would go dutch at times or he would pay for our lunch then I would pay for dinner later on (we used to work together, sort of). Nothing much has changed, we  keep a single bank account and also one paypal account for all our earnings even if he gives the bigger share. My monthly government allowance goes to (my) school anyway.


Being contented at the moment as well as moderation would be the key. “Hangga’t maigsi ang kumot matutong mamaluktot, kung humaba na at lumapad ay saka mag-unat unat,” goes the Filipino cliche on spending.

While the blanket is short, learn how to bend. When it gets bigger and wider,  it is then that you can stretch.