Looking at this photo, you’d easily know that it’s old – discolored and perhaps because of the acid to which it was contained, parts have been destroyed. True, this photo is almost 14-years-old now (we were in our 4th-year in highschool). Those are three of my closest friends and I. We went to a studio to have our group photo taken and this is the last in the series…a wacky shot, lol.

It took me days to decide on what to post for this week’s theme because honestly I have a lot of fond memories back in highschool. Most of those included my barkada (peers). We were there through thick and thin, rain or shine. We would have pride quarrels at times but we’d always end up laughing after. The one on the left most is Chiqui, she lives just 10-minutes drive from us. She scanned these photos and a lot of papemelrotis and other stationeries we’ve sent her — corresponded is the better term – we would exchange notes as though we’re not seeing each other everyday, sweet! She posted everything on facebook for all our classmates, teachers and former crushes and ex-bfs to see. lol!



Here is a photo of us 7 in second-year high. ‘Course, the photo isn’t as clear but the memories that comes with this memento are etched in my mind as though it’s a favorite movie that I could always watch whenever I want to.

Zeit vergeht so schnell. Time goes by so fast – this line had been my creed lately. 🙁 I do miss the old days but I’m no Dr. Emmett Brown, I can only look back and smile and be thankful that in my life, I have friends who I treasure and who values me in return.