A highschool friend and her family recently moved from San Diego to New York…Now that they’re there, she can actually chat with most of her friends unlike when they  were in California where there’s 9 hours difference between us, (now it’s only 5). We got the chance to chat for some hours and talked about so many things under the sun.

Aside from the money spent on new apartments, clothes and so, she also relayed how the movers she chose from many California Moving Companies was efficient in their job, and she’s very thankful. Through the course of the conversation, I can totally relate to how she was at some point disappointed. Five years ago, we moved to our own apartment, it was not an easy move, we hired a small truck for the very few things we have but since there’s only hubby and I with two kids in tow, he has to do most of the stuff himself.  Back then, I didn’t know that the California movers website also has International Movers services where one can ask for a quote before finally signing up for a move.


Moving isn’t really easy, I can say that from experience and from my friend’s account…whether it be for another house, town, city, state or country. Moving To California or to New York in this case is a matter of being organized and getting the best moving service there is.