I always believed that music brings out the best in a person. Singing gives one confidence and so does playing an instrument, that was why I enrolled my daughter in her kindergarten’s children’s music lessons for flute when she was 4. She played well and can read notes already but had to stop because the school where she went to does not offer this particular program. I plan tp enrol all 3 kids in a music school and I was ecstatic to find out that there are music classes for toddlers near our place. Vienna, just like Japan emphasizes on children’s talent development , the famous composers Mozart and Strauß learned and developed their music here after all. There are various Music centers and schools or individuals offering music lessons which the children can attend to after school as extra curricular activities.

My daughter would take flute lessons again, my older son said he wants to learn the guitar and it’s convenient too since hubby bought him a guitar years ago while I am not sure for my 3 year-old yet. I am considering to enroll him for voice lessons since he loves singing anyway even with words that are not yet recognizable 😀 . It is also amazing that these schools have a special baby music class and much awesome is how the smaller kids learn fast from it.