Musings of a Country Girl


I’ve always been a country girl at heart…given the chance, I would choose to live in the suburbs, tend to a garden and perhaps vegetables at the backyard of a home daintily decorated with bushes, cobblestones and cherry trees.



Yes, I would trade my laptop with a rake in a heartbeat. Yes, I’d even wear them boots than pumps. I won’t really mind all the dirt, I would toil the soil, help hubby with whatever needs to be done, even choose the best materials for the coops and if ever that little backyard garden grows into a full-scale farm, I’d still be sticking around. Especially because I’ve experienced living it and buying from great dealers and experts on farmlands and equipment – back when visiting my mom-in-law at their farm, and yes it  is a truly wonderful purchase. A full week of simplicity and contentment, also hardwork.

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Country Girl

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All that being said, if ever there’s a need for me to shift to another line of work, I’d choose one not far from dirt, toiling and tending. Organic gardening, yes that’s my thing, probably not so much about the chickens though but I could be friends with vegetables and herbs. I can always paint my nails green. 🙂 And it’s probably true, ‘You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.’