shoulder breakers
> two bodies at 1630 grams

It can’t be denied that I love taking photos of anything under the sun. I meant anything; kids and adults, landscape, sky, flowers and bees, animals, corners, virtually anything except for those that I might be sued when taken a snap of. I take pride in sharing those photos on my blogs, which I lost count of already. It’s a good thing that hubby shares the same hobby with me…yes, I get to be spoiled at times. ^_^

We’ve had our fair share of cameras, analogue and digital. Pictured above would be our latest acquisition (lol). I’ve had the 400d for 4 years and the 7D for more than 2 years now and I’m really loving it. Though I don’t take videos a lot, hubby does. That’s why he got the 5D Mark I for me to try, full frames – that is. Having these big bodied-cameras is surely all worth it but I really feel the weight whenever I carry them around. The body alone is 820g, I always had 2 batteries in a grip and the lens, though I prefer the 50mm, I also use the 18-200, that’s 398 grams. Put the flash in too and imagine how heavy that can get. Resting on my neck is bearable but when  I do shoots, I really could feel the weight on my shoulders that I call them that: neck and shoulder breakers…I bet I look funny when I flare my arms around. ^_^


That all said, I truly miss my Sony Cybershots (f505v, f717). Though they look odd with protruding lens, I loved them for their macro capacity. I never even had the chance to include them in this family photo of cameras. (Oh, the iPhone was placed by my little boy who kept insisting it is also a camera). Missing in photo is the 5D.

shoulder breakers
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