Recently changed the photos on this blog’s header. 🙂 I’ve been using the old ones for 3 years now so I changed them with more recent pics of the kids.


For dawty I used the one with her in a pink hat which you saw 2 posts earlier. For my older son I used one which was taken last year – when he isn’t so thin to look at. I was taking photos of them by the field at the playground then. He wasn’t so in the mood hence the serious look.

Little boy’s photo was taken last July. Just the same as kuya, we were doing shoots by the field. He has an almost identical shot with this one.  I enjoy taking the kids out specially when the grasses are greenest…we goof around, they play and I take photos of them. Grasses are such a great background and setting for photographing kids.

 Also, I finally bought a free-ad template. 🙂 Brian of Templatelite was so nice to refund me my money when I bought a psd file instead of the package. He also personally sent me the files by email. Thanks!


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