mochi and green tea
Sorry, I’m posting mochi again. 😀 These were the last ones  I had, paired with green tea one warm winter morning. The sun has generously shared its glory with us the past days and we really have been enjoying it in this supposedly winter season. It feels like summer…the perfect weather to enjoy mochi and tea.


Hopiang hapon, one with mung beans was something I remember from childhood. I’m sure one can usually buy it from the sari-sari store  opposite the street. The older people from our neighborhood would have them with coffee. I can’t say that these are my favorite because I’d prefer hopiang baboy anytime (which I recently learned were not really pork but candied winter melon, so imagine the relief I felt, I was always guilty munching on them).
These “real” Hopiang hapon were also from Kuya O…The one embedded with leaf design is filled with red bean paste, reminiscent of munggong hopia. The other two would be green tea (what do you expect?) and I think chestnut paste, same with the white mochi above…the brown, peached-shape might be peach but I am not too sure…it was yummy though! I learned too about Kuri manju which is supposedly a recently introduced treat.

P.S. If you love Eng Bee Tin’s ube hopia like I do, be advised that because of the food color content, they are banned by the US FDA. ):

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