Ever wonder why I seldom post pictures of myself? I bet you did, though I’ve been posting my kids’ photos, it’s not just because I am proud of them and that I enjoy my role as a photographer…I’m hiding behind the camera because of the skin treatment I am  undergoing and because of the extra fats I need to shed. Many would surely say that it doesn’t really matter how a person looks but society dictates otherwise. Women actually spend lots of money to achieve the beauty that they themselves define, that which makes them feel confident and ready to face the world.

In this age of technology, there are lots of services offered to be flawless…that means no extra fats, tight, fine and fair skin, no varicose veins, the photo-perfect look! However, there are methods that do not require months or years for you to achieve this. Sono bello body contours is one of the known clinic that offers this kind of service. They have the micro laser assisted body sculpting technique that permanently remove fats (and stubborn cellulites). Yes, a variation of liposuction sans anesthesia, swelling and stitches. According to the website, some of the patients who went through the procedure can immediately go back to work in 1 to 2 days. Sounds too good to be true? Then read what they have to say.


Procedures can be done on different parts of the body, not just the waist. It could be the chin, thighs,  hips, buttocks and so on. If one would ever decide to undergo a procedure to reduce unsightly fats, I suggest you try Sono bello. They definitely would remove your pain of low self-esteem painlessly!