“Who has woe? Who has uneasiness? Who has contentions? Who has concern? Who has wounds for no reason? Who has dullness of eyes?”Proverbs 23:29

When speaking of boredom, we think of “dullness, repetition, or tediousness,” there are also “feelings of weariness and dissatisfaction.” It often results from work or activity that does not stimulate or satisfy. But it is also true that boredom is a subjective state. What is boring to one person may be fascinating to another.

I created this blog with a hope to reach the readers about what the bible teaches. However, I stalled for a really long time and wondered what else to write…if I should keep doing this or combine other stuff.
I also realized that I am now ‘kinakalawang’ (rusted) when it comes to writing.

Also, apart from the daily routines of a mom and wife, I am too lazy to sit down and finish a post…or perhaps too tired, it took me more than a month (gosh!) to finally finish this one.
I guess I just need to be true to myself, to write about anything under the sun and have a little more concentration to keep this blog going.
Arthur Schopenhauer once said, Die größten Feinde des Glücks sind für ihn Schmerz und Langeweile. (The biggest foes of human happiness are pain and boredom). I could only say, “so true, so true!”