Time and again, we are reminded that the Internet is a very powerful and convenient tool. Most of us moms who used to work 9-5 are now at home doing some write-ups of products and get paid for doing so. When I was starting out  as a blogger, I have literally swept the web for every free web directory and submitted my blogs to each of them. I remember then how being wife to a graphic artist who regularly designs websites inclined me to choose design over SEO. My blog looks so much colorful compared to the simplistic layout of web directories.

When submitting my urls, it is inevitable to browse the directory itself and this made me realize that such directories are very good tools in providing information especially when looking for certain topics. They are basically a big catalog of websites. By submitting your url to a web directory, you are joining a number of other sites that tackle topics related to your blog. This can help boost your  blog’s search engine visibility too.  How? By backlinks…Search engines have robots to find/crawl websites and add them to the search engine’s database. Directories are manually run, editors find or receive websites and screen them for quality and relevance before adding them to the directory’s database. The human review process is the main factor between a web directory and a search engine.

There are many categories in web directories. There’s the health and fitness, the home and garden, travel games, there’s even a business web directory which is certainly more convenient and easy to browse rather than yellow pages. True, web directories are like online yellow pages, you get the information you need about certain topics by just a click of the mouse.