baby-boyI still remember when i was pregnant with my third child, how hubby’s expression changed when I told him that the ultrasound result shows a baby boy. I asked if he preferred a girl but I didn’t get a reply. Anyway, that third pregnancy was the most difficult I had experienced. I was pregnant whole winter of 2005 so it was not so easy to walk, even in the early months of my pregnancy, I often had pains in my back. Then I can’t help but compare how different it was from the two previous pregnancies I had. That was why I saw to it that I have a regular check up with my doctor, this is very important not only for me but for the baby as well. I slipped once over frozen snow, that I had to go back to the gynecologist more often.

During the fifth month I underwent an ultrasound at the doctor’s clinic to know my baby’s gender, the results showed ‘girl.’ The following month, I went to the hospital for another ultrasound and the result that time was ‘boy.’ Sometimes gender can be determined only until the baby comes out.


Though that pregnancy was the most difficult, it was the easiestΒ  labor. I was taken to the hospital around 1pm, taken to the delivery room at 2 and 10 minutes after, the little baby boy was crying already! πŸ™‚ Hubby chose the name Daniel for him, it means judgment of God.

How about you? What name did you choose for your baby and what does it mean? Are you pregnantΒ  and looking for a perfectΒ  name for your baby? Check this page and see baby names with their meanings, you’ll alsoΒ  learn about parenting, tips on baby care, sleeping problems, even how to change diapers! There are lots of helpful information, expert advices, recipes, also activities and games for all children ages, babies to toddlers, preschoolers to teeners!Β  This is a community that will help you understand more about being a Parent.