Petunias in pink and lavender.

Photo taken August 2011, Fürth, Germany.

If you’re a Mary, Mary, quite contrary kind of woman, then you’ll know for sure how your garden grows. But more than how your garden looks, it’s also nice to pay attention to how your garden smells! Having a garden at home may serve as somewhat of a temporary escape or refuge for most of us, so it only makes sense to maximize your garden’s potential by peppering it with fragrant blooms. Here’s how you can get the best whiff of those scented flowers:

Plant your flowers along a path, or near an open window. Since these are the places you frequent, you will be able to enjoy their scent more often.

For some flowers which tend to be more fragrant in the evening, you can put them somewhere near your dining area. The Flowering Tobacco and Night Gladiolus are just some examples of “nocturnal” flowers.

Paved driveways and walkways are a good place to put your flowers, as the warmth coming from paved areas helps intensify the fragrance.

Plant those flowers in groups to have the most potent impact. If you plant them in a wide and windy area, the scent from the flowers will merely scatter.

You can have some flowers or fragrant plants act as ground covers, which when walked on, emit the strongest fragrance. Some examples are chamomile, lily of the valley or thyme.

You might want to keep scented flowers away from children’s play areas, as these flowers tend to attract insects. When bees sting, that’s hardly a pretty sight!

Inevitably, scents always evoke memories. Lovely scents will make you remember important times in your life. If you plant your flowers where they can best be appreciated for their lovely fragrance, you’ll be creating wonderful memories which you can always look back on in years to come.