fotogs copy


While strolling with a friend, we passed by the train station with lots of mirrors engraved with different demographics of stuff around Vienna and the world.

Verliebte in Wien heute – Fell in love in Vienna today.

(that’s a lot!)

I (in red) was not standing directly in front of the mirror but this is what my camera caught. My friend has her own copy of this, two different reflections from 2 different cameras of 2 people.

It is sometimes nice to reflect upon friendships one has in life. I recently found out that having a 60+ year-old friend has its advantages. Having more experience in life, this friend of mine (not in photo) has lots to tell and laugh about. In her stories, there will be regrets, sure, but along with it will be lessons she had learned. She had hours to spend listening to my complains, time that no one of my friends my age would have for me. I am thankful for such friendship!
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