Why I’ve just started sending out and receiving postcards? I don’t know. I’ve been running an irregular photo-postcard meme since 2009, I get them printed out and sent to really a very few people. Now I’ve a longer list in my address book and I’m glad that I did…I’m receiving postcards too which in a way helps the post office around here as well.


Above is a postcard I received today from Chris. It’s a painting entitled Balut Vendor by Vicente Manansala, a cubist painter and illustrator and a National Artist of the Philippines in Visual Arts. Balut is a delicacy in the Philippines and other Southeast nations, it’s a fertilized duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. My description stops there as I haven’t eaten it, for lack of interest then and for biblical reasons now. That aside, I’m  fan of local artists and I miss visiting galleries or covering art competitions and interviewing artists. So I’m really happy that I got a painting postcard!

Anyway, because of this, I got an idea for other postcards that I’d be printing. Thanks Chris!