Stadtpark postcard

I was out the other day and today also as a guide of sorts for my daughter’s class and my son’s field trip. It was a very nice opportunity to be with the kids and take some photos of the city laden in blue sky. I was able to take some shots that I can make into postcards.


As I mentioned a few posts back, I’ve been looking for able printers to have my portrait shots printed. Also, I’ve always considered postcard printing using my own photos. It has been a project that I had wanted to do thinking of my dad but it never came to fruition immediately. My dad used to send me postcards and photos of the places he had been to and it has piqued my interest about geography. I wanted to return the favor by sending him my photo postcards this time.

Then, I slowly started the project sometime in 2009 with the photos I have by editing them. If you click my postcard badge you’ll be directed to a meme that I host entitled Postcard Perfect. That’s where I keep edited photos all ready for printing. I could certainly make use of some shots I made around the city and other cities we’ve visited. What do you think? Will the photo above pass as postcard perfect?