Sad that I rarely have photos of me when I was pregnant. 🙂 I think I wasn’t willing to have people see me bulging like I ate a whole watermelon. ^_^  I am the big-type pregnant mom….They say that when you give birth you lose part of your memories so let me try to rattle my brain and come up with my experiences.



These are my three kids during infancy, all approximately 2-months-old – one mold born in different years . ^_^ From the right would be my youngest son, my older son and my daughter. The most difficult pregnancy I had was with the youngest, emotionally and physically. I had to be bedridden most of the time then, I slipped once while walking on snow but I never got to vomit and those other symptoms. My second pregnancy was the easiest, never got the symptoms and I go about my everyday dealings like I usually would. For my first, I think since it’s my first time I got a lot of vomiting and nausea and the emotional turmoil.

3 siblings united colors of benetton

Here are my kids sometime in 2009. Still in the same order; bunso, kuya and ate. Albeit the most difficult pregnancy (2006), his was the easiest during labor and delivery. At a maximum of 10 minutes in the delivery room, he was out to the amazement of the doctors and midwives.

My second child was not as lucky (2003), his cord got tangled around his neck (much like that shawl). It took 2 hours before he came out, all thanks to the Filipina midwife that I have. He was starting to get blue but he’s somehow ok.

My daughter was born back in the Philippines (2001), at the UST hospital (hubby and I being loyal to our alma mater,lol) .I clearly remember it was around 11pm when I started having contractions. Hubby and mom rushed me to the hospital but I think it took 4 hours more before I finally gave birth. I was too groggy to remember the details…must be the anesthesia (I didn’t have anesthesia for my boys).


Here they are now. If you ask me if I’d be having another kid, I’d have it tough to answer. After 3 pregnancies, I wouldn’t want to…but sons are inheritance from Jehovah and the fruitage of the belly is a reward (Psalm 127:3) – I’m grateful that I have such beautiful inheritance but I don’t think I’d be good enough to cultivate more. I’ve always believed that as inheritance we are their caretakers and it is our job to nurture them. It’s as if God lend them to us and they are his.  We are the archer who guides the arrow -our kids- to hit the cherry…spiritually speaking.


mommy moments