This sky shot was taken sometime in the middle of the week. Friday and Saturday were rainy days so there wasn’t much to do but stay home. Hubby played a lot that time…Guitar Hero, and a couple more games (rainbow six I think and another one I didn’t bother  to ask the title of, I just don’t like games with too much blood).


The kids played Mario games in their room instead…since I do not allow them to watch too much bloodshed games…I on the other hand finished some opps (yes, trying to raise some funds hehe!).  Cooking most of the time but unfortunately not able to study for the exams. I finished school and now I need to take the test on Wednesday, good thing tomorrow and tuesday are holidays.


At home, I asked dawty to try on the strappy sandals I bought her last year, they were still big then but now they fit her perfectly. You can see this same pair on my other blog’s header. We’re having too much debates over shoes, dresses and socks. She likes wearing socks with whatever shoes she wears and its a mismatch of course! She even wear socks while sleeping and it does irk me because its too hot, she wouldn’t even listen if I tell her that it will make her feet sweaty and smelly…sturkopf (stubborn) I would say! She’s starting to dislike wearing dresses too and nicey shoes like that…


Meanwhile the little boy enjoyed playing with wooden puzzles, their Oma brought when she came. He was so ecstatic about these and about the cheese that the Oma brought too. Below photo was taken at breakfast, he was munchin on nothing but cheese and was so happy about it. If asked if he likes the cheese he would enthusiastically answer, “Hmmm yummy! Käse käse  käse!” while jumping.

So how’s your weekend? Hope you enjoyed it too!



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