Read More, Write Better


Practicing one’s craft is the best way to improve on it. The quote “Keep on writing” or something similar is often used in guide books for aspiring writers to help them become better in their craft. But there is one other thing that can help writers in upgrading their skills, and that is reading. A lot of writers get their inspiration from authors that they respect and admire. Those who are already inspired continue to read so they can enrich themselves with more things to write about. Some may not realize it, but reading has a lot of hidden benefits for an aspiring writer. Here are some ways to make reading work for your writing.


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1. Set a Reading Habit

Make it a goal to read a book on your free time or finish at least one book a week. You can start with books about topics of interest or your favorite authors to make it more entertaining. Once you get into the habit then you can widen your horizon by exploring good books from other genres. This can give you an idea on how others form their phrases and sentences or be exposed to different writing styles. It is also a more enjoyable way of learning new words and idioms.

2. Have Fun with Words

There are times when one encounters a new word while reading. Listing it down and looking it up in the dictionary will help expand your vocabulary. One can also have fun with their newly acquired words by forming sentences around it.

3. Express your Opinions in a Review

Most people see book reviews as a school requirement that they would rather ditch. Aspiring writers can look at it as a way to express their views on the topic and the quality of writing. Aside from honing their critical thinking ability, it can also help boost their confidence to write and share their thoughts with the readers.

4. Read Blogs and Start Your Own

There are more ways in which one can use reading as a tool for writing. The challenge for non-bookworms is to start the reading habit now and realize the rewards as soon as possible.