Realistic and Unrealistic Ways to Get Your Body “Wedding Ready”

Every bride-to-be wants to look her best for her wedding day. Not only is this supposed to be a once in a lifetime celebration, but it is a moment in which will be captured by every camera, smartphone, and video in attendance. For many women, the start of wedding planning also means looking for efficient solutions to get their body wedding ready. The only problem is, not every solution is safe or effective. If you’re trying to get the best body in time for your wedding, here are some realistic and unrealistic ways to get it done.

Unrealistic Method: Major Surgeries

There are a number of surgical procedures out there that are believed to help individuals looking to change their body image to do so without the hard work of dieting and exercising. Scheduling a major surgery before your wedding, however, isn’t a realistic way to get the body you want for your ceremony. For starters, there are a lot of risks involved with going under the knife and results and recovery time can vary. You may schedule a procedure and not heal in time to look your best for your wedding, or even worse, end up with a body you’re not satisfied with.


Unrealistic Method: Drugs, Supplements, and Prescriptions

Some women will go to the extreme to make sure they’ve shed all the excess weight they feel they need to in order to fit into that wedding gown – even if it puts their life at risk. If you’ve started relying heavily on the use of illicit street drugs, prescription medications, or diet supplements (with artificial ingredients), this could make matters worse. You could end up getting addicted and need to find detox around los angeles or whichever major city you live nearest to. If you’ve already experimented with such options it is best to get help. Since you’re already strapped for cash to pay for the wedding you can try using insurance to cover the costs of detox and therapy.

Unrealistic Method: Skipping Meals or Eliminating Key Vitamins and Nutrients

There’s so much information on the web on how to lose weight fast that it can be easy for hopeful brides to get wrapped up in the hype. Some may believe that in order to lose the weight that they should skip certain meals. Others may find some fad diet that eliminates key vitamins and nutrients necessary for safe and healthy weight loss. Both of these are unrealistic ways to get your body wedding ready. Starving yourself can backfire and cause you to gain weight or even look undernourished on your wedding day. Eliminating the wrong vitamins and nutrients deprives your body of the very things it needs to function.

Realistic Method: Eliminating Processed Foods, Sugar, and Salt

The biggest culprits in weight gain or unwanted body fat are the high consumption of refined sugar, salt, and processed food. You can drop a few pounds a week by reducing the amount of these things you consume. This means eating more natural sugar (like sugar found in fruit) and replacing processed foods and junk with clean, whole foods. Minding your portions and eating at least 3-5 times a day can help you to slim down for the big day.

Realistic Ways to Get Your Body “Wedding Ready”

Realistic Method: Starting a Workout Routine

Truth be told there is no magic pill or surgery that’s going to help you get the body you want for your wedding without some adverse consequences or unexpected side effects. It’s best to get the body you want the old-fashioned way. This means getting regular physical activity. You can join a gym, enroll in a fitness class, follow along with a DVD from home, or do something else that gets your heart rate up like dancing or playing sports. Just make sure you’re working out at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

Realistic Method: Don’t Stress. Love Yourself and be Wedding Ready

Here’s the truth about trying to have the “perfect body” for your wedding – it can take time. When you stress yourself out and become obsessed with looking perfect, this only packs on the pounds. It is best instead to relax and fall in love with the process of your body transformation. Get hype about the weeks you lose a pound or two and don’t get down when the scale stays the same. If you learn to love yourself in all of this, it won’t matter what size you are. Your confidence will make you look and feel like the most attractive bride in the world.

Brides are under a great deal of pressure to look and feel perfect for their wedding day. Some women go to extreme measures to try and get their bodies “wedding ready” without realizing the harm these methods could cause. It is best to take realistic measures towards getting the body you want for your wedding, and most important that you find the confidence to trust the process and love yourself. In doing so, you’ll look good in any dress, from any angle on your wedding day.

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