Red is my favorite color. 🙂 Most of my stuff are red and it’s the motif of  our humble abode. Some of you may remember the photo I used as my badge.  I set the shoot in our dining/living room with the red wall as background. It wasn’t easy getting that shot as the little boy, playful as he is, wouldn’t take the shoot seriously.



Still, all of us had fun that time…unfortunately for the fruits, they all ended up bitten by the little boy. And as it turned out, that photo I use for the badge became my favorite photo of them, one that has been of much use in print and once in TV.

(inside the tram)

Meet kuya C, the most kengkoy among my kids. Red is his color, he looks most handsome in red ala little Red Riding Hood! 😉

Some of the food we enjoy the most, Black forest cherry cake (my recipe and not the sour german version) and Chirashizushi…where’s the red there? The surimi, lol and beni shouga (pickled red ginger) and because the tuna slices are so fresh they are reddish-pink! (Click on photo for related recipe/story.)

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