Rock tours existed in numerous forms over the years, but many credit Ozzfest as bringing a large number of artists together on one central stage. The success of that tour led to venues across the country creating shows of their own. Fans can pay one fee and see dozens of acts over the course of a single day or a weekend. While there are a variety of different alternative and hard rock concerts taking place every year, Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio is one of the best. The founders behind that concert recently announced its lineup for 2015.



Fans of 1980s hard rock such as Jordan Kurland might appreciate seeing Judas Priest as one of the 2015 headliners. Judas Priest had a string of hit songs in the 1980s and a few charting songs in the 1990s before taking a break. Rock on the Range marks one of the band’s largest performances in recent years. Fans of Slipknot worried that lead singer Corey Taylor would never come back after finding success with his second band Stone Sour, but Taylor and his crew will take the stage as one of the headliners in 2015. Linkin Park will also appear on stage. Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, briefly left to be the lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots, but he rejoined the band in time for a new tour.

Secondary Acts

In addition to the main headliners, Rock on the Range will also have some big name bands performing on stage. Godsmack, which found success during the late 1990s and early 2000s, will be one of those secondary headliners. Marilyn Manson also announced that he would return to the stage for the concert in 2015. Other secondary headliners for the show include Rise Against and Breaking Benjamin.

Other Artists

Kurland and other rock music fans can watch these shows to discover new and up and coming bands. Those bands often perform on the smaller stages and offer some good shows. Rock on the Range will bring in bands like Hatebreed, The Devil Wears Prada, Young Guns, Red Sun Rising, Beartooth and New Medicine. The organizers of Rock on the Range announced the 2015 lineup in late December and put tickets on sale at the same time. Fans can buy weekend and VIP tickets for the concert today or put tickets in layaway.