I have many times blogged about my fondness for cherry blossoms, for its beauty, its symbolical meaning in japanese literature and songs related to it.

In this time of the year, spring in particular, Hanami is observed all-over Japan. It is a tradition of observing and enjoying flowers, most of the time Sakura or cherry blossoms and Ume or plum blossoms. This tradition was brought over by locals to Germany and I sometimes do observe them here too as you see in these photos but the best place to see them of course is none other than Japan, where hubby and I would love to visit soon!


Tokyo and Chiba would be our first stop but Okinawa appears interesting too. Being located southwest of Japan and surrounded of course by the Pacific, I am quite sure that sushi would be the freshest here. Also being subtropical, the flowers bloom all year round.


Okinawa is consisted of small beautiful Islands, with white-sand beaches that are either easy to find or hidden and hard to reach, depending on your preferences, there is surely one you’d find perfect for having bbq parties or just watching the beautiful sun! Japan is afterall called Nihon, meaning origin of the sun (also nicknamed Land of the Rising Sun).

I can go on and on about the many beautiful things in Okinawa, but why not find out for yourself what is interesting in this land where Karate originated? For more information please visit http://www.okinawa-information.com – Okinawa Travel Guide, a comprehensive guide to Okinawa including pictures, blogs, news, hotel recommendations and a discussion forum of visitors for reference of people who are interested to visit. See you there!