It’s the perfect time to shop!

Almost, if not, all of the shops have their year- end sale –
(inventory-clearance sale.) I was out yesterday and those shops’ windows were shouting at me in big red letters: SALE! I just had to get in!First stop, Zara. Whenever I’m there, I go directly to the kid’s section. High-quality fabric, great colors and beautiful prints makes me opt shopping in Zara more than I do in other kid’s shops.   
I adore their dresses a lot, so I grabbed this one when I saw that it’s down by more than 70%! (insert awed icon here). A perfect fit for my little girl.

I saw this house slippers too which were 2euros cheaper, the little girl started using them at
school today, she is very happy to have them…soft wand cute!

Lastly I got the 2 boys hooded pullovers in different colors…all in all, these took just a little short of 40 from my wallet!