Some people scoff at parents who implement a strict and regimented life for their children. Children, after all, are to be left to enjoy life without worrying about schedules and deadlines. But, there is some value to training kids to put some order in their daily lives. Establishing everyday routine for children is not difficult especially when it is done early enough in their lives.


routine for children
Like father like son.


The most important thing is for parents to follow a routine of their own. Modeling is the best way for children to learn how to do things at the right time. Parents should make it a point to stick to a schedule every day. It does not have to be strictly on the dot in terms of timing. Working on chunks of time for specific tasks is a less stifling concept of scheduling. Designating time for meals, rest, play, and studies is easy enough for kids to understand. When a child is conditioned to do things at certain times of the day, they know exactly what to expect and are able to prepare the activities in their routine by themselves. For most parents, this makes it less stressful to get the kids to do things that they are supposed to do. Parents should remember, though, that children need some flexibility too. Being too rigid with their daily routine and punishing unduly for not being on schedule can have long-term adverse effects on the child and on his relationship with his parents.

Establishing everyday routine for kids requires some amount of sensitivity to the needs and disposition of the kids. If a kid tends to have too much energy during bed time, it might not be a good idea to schedule nap time late in the afternoon. Likewise, if a child seems to have trouble concentrating at certain times of the day, parents should not schedule study time on these times. A child’s daily routine should serve as a guide on spending their time and not a tool to rule their lives.