Capturing the best moments on your wedding is a dynamic experience. The day is filled with emotions, reactions and once-in-a-lifetime moments. All of the planning has led up to this day, and it will go by in a flash. After the vows have been recited, dances have been danced and cake has been cut, what remain are your memories and of course, photos. Capture these special moments with the Capsule application that turns your guests into photojournalists, telling the story of your union.


The latest new trend in wedding photography is instant photo sharing. In the past, brides used to have to purchase disposable cameras and rely on guests to snap photos at the reception. After the wedding, the couple would develop the photos and enjoy all of the shots that the professional photographer missed. While this worked most of the time, the couple would often be stuck with photos of the floor, blurred shots and destroyed images. In addition, processing these photos could be costly and it wasn’t easy to share images with guests who could not attend.

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Capsule is the answer to getting the best candid shots for your wedding or other event. With this free app for iPhone and Android, your guests can take shots and upload them to your custom album. Guests can share photos on social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Now even guests who could not attend can view your albums and comment on pictures. With easy integration with The KnotΒ  wedding websites, you can easily create albums for your guests to view and share. With an interactive marketplace, guests can order prints for their own photo albums. Create tinybooks that capture the essence of your wedding day and give them as gifts to your guests.

The Web has revolutionized the way we view photography. Now you can enjoy the breathtaking shots from your professional wedding photographer while sharing in the fun of shots from your grandparents, best man and even the flower girl. Everyone can feel like part of your love story, from your great aunt across the country to your best friend in the wedding party. With capsules, simply invite members to join and share photos with your connections.

Sharing your wedding photos with friends far and wide has never been easier. With a simple to use application, you can now enjoy the beauty of your special day from the viewpoint of your guests.

Getting started with Capsule is easy. Simply log on to and download the application. From there, create custom cards that tell your guests exactly how they can download the app and join your Capsule. Finally, enjoy your guests’ photos of your special day. Download Capsule today.

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