(Hello from chucks, replay and crocs!)


Shoes…who doesn’t love them? I do sometimes, I prefer going about barefooted! 😀 This is the reason why I have luya feet! Kidding aside, I love shoes and I am a self-confessed shoeholic (with a bit of being Imeldific on the side). 😉  One of my favorite quote is “Wear a nice pair of shoes and they’ll bring you to beautiful places.” (Toudou Shizuka – Hana Yori Dango)

The kids share the same sentiment, especially dawty! You know that look when you get something that you’ve always wanted for the longest time? That’s how she is when she gets new shoes.

Above photo was taken last year and is the header I used for my old blog. It’s still there now, and as you bloghop today (or tomorrow) you’d probably see the crocs as a header of another mom blog. 🙂 (I designed that blog .)


(those are adi, pum and skech just got home from playing in the dirt! we do give a nickname to some of our shoes, lol, easier for the kids to identify which is which but the names are mostly the shoe brand hehe)

Now, the kids’ feet have grown…fast, they all hopped 2 sizes bigger than last year’s. I love to buy shoes, true but if they can still use ‘pamana’ shoes then why not. Little boy now uses his kuya’s and kuya now uses ate’s. Only ate tends to be different at times, being a girl. Not playing favorites, you know what I mean… 😉


(some of her faves: winter ’09, winter ’08, winter ’10, summer ’09)

I’d always thought that my daughter would be my shopping buddy someday. And that someday has arrived…she does enjoy it when we go looking for cute shoes…and she takes care of her shoes well, we agree that it’s wise to keep the shoes clean.  As for designs, it’s all good, we love each other’s tastes. We also both love skechers! Sometimes, we go terno (click here).

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