I am really nice and friendly, perhaps even too honest. I respect all people, no matter the looks, color or language. But I guess its true, no two persons could be alike, perhaps the exact opposite! For the past 6 years I befriended a lot of older people since I find them interesting and respectful. But this day is different.

Today I was walking with the kids home…I felt conscious that someone is gazing at me intently…as I pass by the bus station an older woman stood there, with eyes wide open as if her stare could melt me away. I politely said Gruß Gott!, as a greeting.

What did the old woman do? She rolled her eyes and looked away. I felt really bad…it was the first time. So I walked behind her, waiting for her to look back…she didn’t—I was farther away when she did and so I asked her, ‘Do you have a problem with me?’ The first time I confronted somebody too.

Too funny but stupid, she was waving her hand and told off the very first person ( a local) coming her way, words that I didn’t hear anymore.

I think that was her way of annoying other people. Yes, staring at foreigners like that…I was already full for the day but ironically, I even gave time to say a polite Gruß Gott and stopped to ask what’s her problem. Silly me!