My 7-year-old daughter is smart in her own right, but she is not the outspoken kid who raises her hand in class even if she knew what to say. I had a meeting with her teacher and this is what she told me along with a very good feedback. That my daughter being the silent type has a positive influence to her classmates, whoever becomes her seatmate turns more like her, attentive and soft-spoken. I don’t complain.

I have always noticed how she enjoys playing and doing stuff alone, or maybe because she cannot play Barbies together with her brothers. So she enjoys her time alone, drawing, painting, writing, playing online games or video games and practicing calculation. However, seeing how she would get shy during gatherings, castings or simply being out with friends and other kids convinced me that she needs to develop a little more self-confidence.


Singing and dancing plus a lot of other activities was “my” first attempt for her , this she does after school. Since next week would be semestral break, she’d be spending time at home with dad. I need to arrange activities or look for programs that would continue to motivate her.

I believe Amy Poehler’s new show, “Smart Girls” as seen on the Cozmo TV player would interest her a lot. Featuring kids as young as her, speaking about life and discovering what they like and what they can do as early as grade school. This is surely inspiring not only for my daughter, but for all kids out there. And with the mention of Barbie, she’d definitely enjoy this!

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