During summer, hubby enjoys biking with the kids. One thing I don’t have the zest for. I always had problems when riding a mountain bike, I think my legs are too short for them. 😀

When hubby still works at the central district he would take the bike, ride it until the train station, hop it in on the train and would get off somewhere near the workplace. On weekends he would go a trip round the Danube and take photos of the riverside. I don’t remember him wearing any special bike shoes, just his usual everyday wear. You probably know now how I enjoy browsing online shops, saves me time, saves me energy and saves me lots of money too especially when they are on sale! I learned that there are different types of bike shoes, depending on a rider’s use.


Cycling is very beneficial, that it helps lower toxins in the air, makes for a good exercise and saves parking spaces too. 😀 Using the appropriate shoes when riding could bring out the best experience. As usual, Shopwiki  (the ultimate  online shopping guide) provides helpful tips on how to find the best biking shoes, running shoes, golf shoes and sneakers even wedding shoes. Stiff sole for less waste of energy, a snug fit to avoid slipping, breathable materials for feet’s comfort and of course the price for all it’s worth.