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Comics and books for my man

Men can be difficult to buy for, especially if they have excelled at buying gifts for you in the past. But by finding out what your partner enjoys the most can make the task easier. For instance, if you know your significant other is into a band or comedian, try searching for upcoming shows or events. Remember, it is about his birthday and it may mean you have to sacrifice a few hours to go with him.

Perhaps a weekend away is what your partner desires. There are plenty of affordable, local options for those looking for a short trip. You can search these on the internet and you may score yourself a good deal if it is not in a peak period.


If it’s a milestone birthday, splash out on your partner by searching for an overseas holiday. In today’s economy it can often be less expensive to travel overseas than it is to take a trip locally or interstate.

If travel is not his thing, try giving him a confidence boost with some new clothing or mens shoes. You’ll be surprised how little it can take to give your man a confidence boost.

If entertaining is his thing, look for some handy or creative inventions that he may not have seen before. Perhaps something quirky for the barbecue area, a music system to liven up the area or lighting to create more atmosphere.

The most important thing to remember when buying a gift for your significant other is to think about it, do some research and think how it will make him feel. After all, giving a gift is not just about buying something for the sake of it. It is about showing your loved one that you appreciate them, that you love them and you want to make them happy.

How do you think he will feel if he opens up his birthday present to find another pair of socks?

Perhaps you could personalize his gift, such as engraving it with a message, printing a photo of the two of you on a mug or key-ring, or simply including a nice message in his card.

You might think that buying funny but ridiculous presents is a good idea at the time, but if he can’t use it in a practical way or get some enjoyment out of it, you are wasting your money and the chance to show your loved one what he means to you.

If travel and outdoor entertaining don’t seem suitable for your man, why not send him to a day spa or massage parlour?

It may not seem very manly, but it may be just what your man needs to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You could even book in as a couple so you enjoy the experience together.

Try not to ask your partner what he wants unless you are really stuck for ideas. Most men are likely to think of less expensive items so they don’t offend their partner and his birthday should be about spoiling him.

Instead, take an interest in what he likes, ask his friends or go with your own instincts about what he would like. After all, you should know him pretty well.

But after all this advice, if you still cannot find anything suitable for your man, a gift voucher from his favorite store should do the trick, allowing him to spend it on what he really wants.