9 Sept 2004

Sometime ago I posted my daughter’s photo holding a blue gerbera for this meme, Today’s Flowers. Today, I am posting photos of my two boys when they were younger and when in their age, holding a flower is not branded as ‘for girls only.’

First photo was of my older son, he’s 5 years plus now. I took this shot after the photosession of his sister, when she threw the yellow gerbera, then little boy picked it up and curiously looked into it. That’s how I got this shot…

Below is a photo of my youngest when he was about 6 months old. This was the time when he was teething, naturally whatever he gets ahold of is considered ‘food,’ the blue gerbera was no exception.

13 Aug 06

Kids are definitely my favorite photo subject. Not only are their photos worth putting in their albums as snaps, but kids playful as they are, would show real emotion and character. This is a good opportunity to practice portrait photography. As a stagemamarazzi, I follow (or sometimes not) a few guidelines on how to make the most of child photography. Here’s a few:

Take Candid shots

Kids are kids, they will play and be foolish, serious and thinking the next. Capture these moments without them realizing that you are clicking the camera for as soon as they notice…they either become conscious, giving you a frowning face or extreme foolery expression. Make it natural.

Level with them

Bodyaches should not stop you from bending down and clicking your camera from the children’s eye level. You’ve read it before and here you’ll read it again. Get down on your knees or flat on your stomach if need be to get a shot their eye level…this rule could be broken though! =D

Don’t be cheap

Take as many clicks as possible, after all you have a big space to save on 😉 If not, buy lots of memory sticks, sd cards, flash cards so you don’t miss 1001 expressions of your precious subject. Surely, when you review your shot, one would always stand out from a series…its easy to pick and then discard what you don’t need…