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The popularity of statement shirts has definitely transcended time and fashion trends. It is not uncommon to see shirts with different messages emblazoned on them. Some are pretty straightforward while some are intriguing or mysterious. There are also those that are humorous. One’s choice of t-shirt usually depends on one’s beliefs, attitudes, and opinion. The shirt, in some way, acts like a shout out to everyone. Just as adults are amused by these statement shirts, children too are taken by statement shirts for kids.

The statements that are usually printed onto kids’ shirts are usually nothing deep or enigmatic. Neither are they as strong as to perhaps convey political views or social commentaries. The statement shirts for kids usually carry their own messages in their own language. Mostly, these shirts have quotes from cartoon shows as well as funny and witty messages thought of by their parents. You surely have seen a kid or two wearing a statement shirt that says: “I’m a proud mommy” or “My dad is the best dad in the world.”


In choosing statement shirts for kids, you have to make sure that the messages on the shirts are age-appropriate. Be sure to get your kid’s opinion about the shirts and their messages. You child might already have preferences of his own. He might also want to use the shirts as a way to express his individuality. Guide your child into choosing statements that are not offensive. Aside from the statements, your child might also want to choose the color he wants his shirt to be as well as any other picture or image that your child wants to be incorporated in the shirt design.

There are plenty of these statement shirts for kids that you can purchase from department stores and online stores. Spend some time with your child going through online catalogs of these statement shirts. As you cannot inspect the items from the online stores, you have to make sure that you check the specifications and product descriptions carefully. Most often, these online websites that sell shirts have photos of the different shirts that they are selling. A lot of these websites also have sizing charts and instructions on how you can measure your child for the right size.

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